Partial Content


What's the deal with this blog?

I'm Joe Kepley, and Partial Content is my blog. I use this as a space to write about topics related to stuff I do at work, mostly programming for the web. 

This blog also started as a tutorial on eZ Publish 5. You can read the tutorial on this blog, and find the code on Github

What's the deal with you?

I'm a partner at Blend Interactive, where I head up the development group. My job is to make sure Blend is using the best available practices wherever possible in our development process, and to make sure that Blend is the best possible place for a developer to work.

What's up with the name?

HTTP has a status code: "206 Partial Content". Also, this is a blog so it's never "complete" content. Also, "Partial" means opinionated, and some of it will be that. So it's in the running for the world's nerdiest play on words, and I'll be surprised if anyone ever gets it.